How It Works

See how you can invest in yourself by maximizing your innate talents.

Stressed Woman
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Does this sound familiar?

👉 I am struggling to scale the corporate ladder and get overlooked during the interview process.

👉 I’m stuck – and am ready to step back, regroup and plan a way forward.

👉 I’m trying to transition into leadership, never received formal leadership training, and feel like I’m floundering in my management role.

👉 Help!! What is this thing you call work/life balance?!??

👉 I am eager to explore and test the entrepreneurial waters – but don’t know where to start.

Who I work with.

Gen X and Millennial women aiming to maximize their potential and create the life they want.

I work with women leaders and entrepreneurs one-on-one, through small group coaching and workshops to tackle the complex issues that feel like roadblocks – and help them find a way forward.

How I help!

After a 45-minute discovery session that includes an IPEC Energy Leadership Assessment, I’ll provide you with a debrief and come up with a plan of action. Within 3-6 months, women who work with me . . .

💡 Uncover and step into their own leadership style, harness previously unrecognized natural talents, and discover their unique voice.

💡 Learn to bridge the gap between where they are and where they want to be.

💡 Leave armed with tools and techniques to respond to triggers but not react – so that passion does not boil over into anger and hinder personal and career advancement.