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Ya-Ya Sisterhood

A couple of years ago, I took Simon Sinek's Find Your Whycourse (which I highly recommend). Through his process, I learned that my WHY is to help women value their voice so that they can fulfill their purpose and share their gifts with the world. When I first discovered my Why, it made sense that I would do this by working with women one-on-one through coaching. However, the scope of my Why has evolved over the last two years to highlight my mission and passion for building a community.

This year it has become apparent to me that I have been called to pioneer a movement, to create a community of women, from multiple generations, to be in relationship with one another to help, support, and empower one another in both their personal and professional lives. I believe that there is strength in sisterhood. That for each one of us to rise, we need the help and support of our fellow sisters. I love this quote from Serena Williams:

This quote reminds me of the book of Ruth in the bible. The book of Ruth ennobles the beauty of commitment and friendship. When you look at the book of Ruth in the context of a commitment to relationship what you see are three women. Naomi (the mother-in-law) packed up her family and moved to another location because of a terrible famine. Her and her husband, along with her two sons, and their wives made a move — fast forward, and Naomi loses her husband and her two sons.

Only the three women are left. Naomi decides that she wants to move back to her homeland. Now that both of her sons are gone, Naomi releases both Ruth and Oprah and urges them to pursue their futures without obligation to past family ties. Oprah takes Naomi up on her offer and leaves. However, Ruth responds with, "for wherever you go, I will go; your people shall be my people." Ruth staying was a huge deal because Ruth was from a different culture of people, and she was willing to give that up to be there for her mother-in-law. She was ready to step up and lift her mother-in-law in her time of need.

I remember a movie I believe depicts strength in sisterhood. I am probably dating myself, but I'm okay with that. Do you remember the film, The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood?If not, check it out Netflix. The film opens in 1937 Louisiana with four little girls out in the woods at night, each wearing a home-made headdress. The leader of the group initiates them into a secret order; she dubs the "Ya-Ya Sisterhood," which they seal by cutting their palms and taking a blood oath of undying loyalty. This one-act binds them together for the rest of their lives where they help and support one another; giving of themselves for each other.

There is a huge lesson for all women in both the book of Ruth and The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood. I believe that lesson is women supporting other women. And women empowering other women. There is a strength in the sisterhood that we can’t get anywhere else. We are committed to one another. We must remain loyal to those we are committed to.

Imagine that we are all sitting around a campfire in the woods. Each of us with a headdress on. Are you willing to join me in the secret order of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood? A place where we give each other our undying support and loyalty? A place where we lift up and empower one another?

I don’t want to discount anyone. If you are a man, I want you to know that there is a piece of this community for you too. Are you passionate about helping women? Empowering them and helping them achieve their dreams and goals? Advocating and being a voice for them when no one else will listen? If so, welcome, and thank you! We appreciate your advocacy and willingness to help and support us.

I know to build this community will not be easy. But I know that I have been called to pioneer this movement. Will you help me build this community of women? I would love to have you by my side.

How willing are you to give up something to help another woman out?

How willing are you to be there and support another woman?

How willing are you to give her a hand up?

Are you willing to do it without there being anything in it for you?

What is one thing you can do today to give another woman a helping hand?

Are you in? Give me a thumbs up in the comments section if you are willing to be part of a community that helps, supports, and empowers other women.


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