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Power In Community

I left for the Army in June of 1989 and my world as I knew it was forever changed. I still remember the day I showed up at the Replacement Center. This is the first stop before basic training starts. I spent a couple of days there before the rest of the girls showed up and we “classed” up. It was pretty lax during those days, and it gave me a false sense of what was about to go down.

We "classed" up and let me tell you it was like someone turned the heat up high in a split second. Before we could even blink, we were on the ground doing push-ups. I remember one of the drill sergeants telling us that over the next nine weeks, we were going to learn that "diamonds are a girl's best friend." He wasn't talking about the shiny, sparkly kind of diamonds. He was talking about diamond push-ups. LOL!!! He was WRONG!!!

During all the physical training, drill and ceremony, room inspections, rifle training, gas chamber, obstacle course, three-minute showers, and eating chow (food), there was more going on than a bunch of girls turning into soldiers.

Right there at Fort Jackson, South Carolina girls from all over the United States were all suffering together. It didn’t matter where you came from, what your name was, or the color of your skin, we were all bound together by something bigger than ourselves. We were building a community that throughout our time together would be there to cheer each other on and support one another when things got tough.

Take a moment and think about your goals and dreams. Now, think about all the steps it is going to take you to get there. Are you going at it alone?

We love the idea of being the kind of person who can pull herself up by her bootstraps and do things by herself. I mean, who wants to rely on someone else for help? Right?

Take a look at those people you admire. They didn’t get where they are alone. Instead, they were part of a community who helped push them to become the people they were destined to be.

What does your community look like?

There are five benefits of belonging to a community.

Knowledge: You learn from each other and gather wisdom from others.

Connection: Cultivating relationships increase your chances of encountering other opportunities as well as providing others with an opportunity.

Inspiration: Communities, by their very nature, contain a diversity of thoughts, ideas, and knowledge you would never encounter on your own.

Resources: It doesn't matter how smart or talented you are; you can't do it along. When you belong to a community, it gives you access to resources you may need.

Support: Belonging to a community means you are part of a group of people that understand what you're going through. They may be in different stages, but they've been there, and they know the struggles. There is power in having a community to talk with about your journey.

I am not in contact with anyone from my basic training unit. But I will tell you that I wouldn’t be the woman I am today if it wasn’t for each one of those girls who cheered for me and supported me when it got tough.

What does your community look like?

How can you ask them for help?

What can you do to help someone in your community?

I am on a mission to change the way we as women connect and embrace one another. Would you be willing to help me build a community of women who cheer each other on and support each other when it gets tough? I would love to have you. Hit reply and let me know if you want to be a community builder with me.

Make today amazing!


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