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Like what you want to like

When I was growing up, we never had seafood for dinner. We didn't have it because my mother didn't like it. My dad loved it, and so did my brother. But my mom did not. And because she didn't, I didn't either.

I remember watching the Red Lobster commercials and thought the seafood looked so delicious. Lobster tail dipped in melted butter. Who couldn't love that, right? I decided that I needed to try seafood for myself before making a blanket decision that I didn't like it.

My brother, at the time, was in the Navy and living in California. The perfect place to get some excellent seafood. He was due to come home that summer. I called him and asked if he would bring some seafood home with him. Together we made a list of items he would bring. Shrimp, lobster tail, scallops, and I think some crab legs.

He brought it all home. We cooked it. My dad was in heaven. My brother was in heaven. But I didn't like it. I tried all of it, and it just wasn't my jam. I have tried it again over the years. Some days I can eat a little shrimp if it's hot. Once it gets warm, I can't do it. So in the big scheme of things, I am still not a fan.

You might be wondering what this has to do with anything. Here is what I want you to take away with you.

Like what you want to like.

In my story, I was talking about seafood. I didn't like it because my mom didn't like it.

How many times have you stopped doing something or wanting to do something because it wasn’t the cool or popular choice?

I know we all struggle with making choices that honor ourselves. We find ourselves in a place where we allow society, our families, our friends, our spouse to weigh in on what's right or not.

Instead of choosing the cool or popular thing, choose something you love. Be brave enough to pursue what you like. Give yourself permission to do the thing you want to do, to like whatever you want to like.

My hope for you is that as you continue your journey of self-love, you will feel brave enough to love the things you love and not allow others to decide for you.

Make today amazing because you are amazing!

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