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Diversify your portfolio

One question that continues to resonate through this pandemic is, what is life going to look like on the other side? Feelings of fear, uncertainty, and overwhelm plaque you as you struggle to see past your current circumstances and wonder what your future holds. Some of you may feel that you have to put your dreams on hold. Or you may be wondering how to plan for the future when you don’t know what the future holds?

Your feelings are real, and your questions are valid. While it may seem like all of your hopes and dreams for the future have blown up right in front of you today, I want to encourage you to keep moving forward. Life is a journey. The journey to your dreams is a marathon and not a sprint. You may need to diversify your portfolio.

Let me share a story with you. At the core of who I am, I know that my purpose, my calling is to help women empower themselves. My Why is to help women value their voice so that they can fulfill their purpose and share their gifts with the world. Evolution U Coaching is the platform I created to do the work. I have been working as a life and leadership coach for over four years.

In August, an opportunity presented itself to me. A position came open at Texas Woman's University Center for Women Entrepreneurs. When I read the job description, I knew that the job was where I was supposed to be. I applied for the job and got called to interview. During my interview, the interviewer asked me about Evolution U Coaching? I explained that at the core, my purpose, my calling was to help women empower themselves, and it didn't matter what platform I used —my own business or working with an organization.

So today, I want to challenge you to think deeper about your dreams. Maybe you have your heart set on being a personal trainer or a journalist. Look past the "job" and ask yourself what is your purpose, or calling? What is that thing that burns in your heart to do? When you know what that is, then start looking at other ways you can deliver that. Diversify your portfolio. Maybe now is the season to start your own business, take what you do and move it to an online platform, or find another way to get your message out there.

Don't allow the circumstances of your life right now stop you from reaching your dreams of tomorrow. Be willing to shift and diversify your portfolio to be who you are meant to be. Keep dreaming and keep becoming the woman you are called to become.

Stay safe! Stay healthy!

Make today amazing because you are amazing!

In grace & gratitude,


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