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Creating your ultimate bucket list

Have you seen the movie “The Bucket List” with Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicolas? These two older guys meet in the hospital, and both are given grime news concerning how long they have to live. So they set out on a journey to cross things off their life bucket list before they die.

Much like the two characters in the movie, most people think about their bucket list after some life-altering event.

Don’t wait for the “perfect time” to begin-make your bucket list not because you are dying but because you want to live.

Life is uncertain, and you will undoubtedly be thrown curve-balls throughout. We’ve seen that here is 2020. No one thought that we would see our entire lives, jobs, stores, the world as a whole hit the pause button.

Rent a cabin for a week by the lake, kayak, and mountain bike all week, or write a book. What’s on your bucket list?

As a coach, I share with my clients about the power of being intentional. When you are intentional, you are highly purposeful with the steps you take in your life. Creating your bucket list isn’t any different. You have to be intentional about curating your own life and experiences.

Here are some steps to start creating your ultimate bucket list:

1. Find some quiet time

2. Grab a pen and paper to write your list. Writing down your list represents a sincere commitment to yourself, turning them into tangible goals, and curating your own life experiences.

3. Name your list. Don’t feel obligated to name your list “bucket list.” Find a name that brings you joy and that you can make a connection with.

Here are some ideas:

Life list

Dream list

Joy List

Meaningful life goals

Amazing experiences to be had

4. Start cultivating ideas. You probably already have a few things that you’ve always wanted to do-write those down. It can be hard to identify life goals, so here are a couple of ideas that you can try.

Create categories

  • Adventure

  • Career + Finances

  • Charity

  • Creativity

  • Education

  • Entertainment & Events

  • Family + Kids

  • Food + Drink

  • Just for Fun

  • Local Experiences

  • Personal Growth

  • Nature + Wildlife

  • Sports + Activities

  • Travel

Create mini-lists

  • Seasonal bucket list

  • This year’s bucket list

  • 30 before 30, 40 before 40 or 50 before 50

Go outside and take a walk and just allow yourself to reflect on what you want your life to look like and what experiences will honor that vision.

5. Don’t limit yourself. Don’t think something is too big or too out of reach. Don’t be judgmental about your abilities. Put it down and be intentional about making it happen. Do some of the little things first to build your confidence and experience the joy it brings you to make something happen in your life. Trust me, when you start crossing some of those little things off your list, you are going to want to do bigger things.

Dream big, go beyond the realistic goals, and put down everything that you have ever wanted to see, touch, and experience. You are capable of doing so much more than you think we can.

Make today amazing because you are amazing!

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