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Spring Clean Your Life: Relationship Review

As winter begins to let go and make way for spring what do you need to let go of and create space for? Every spring, people make time to spring clean their houses, closets, drawers, garages, the list goes on. But how many people take time to Spring Clean their lives? This month on W.O.W Wednesday, we are going to take a look at a few areas of our lives and do some spring cleaning.

The first up is a relationship review.

We are all relational beings. We crave the need to belong and to be a part of something. Relationships are all around us. From the people we work with, to the friends we have, to the members in our families.

What relationships in your life spark you to be your best?

Relationships that spark you to be your best are those that nurture you and inspire you to greatness. They allow you to be at your very best. The key to keeping these relationships is to spend more time nurturing them, enhancing them, and looking for ways to develop new ones.

But not all relationships are created equal. Some relationships are bad. Some of them drain your energy. They are negative and filled with doubt, worry, fear, guilt, anger, requirements, and needs. If you find that you are not around people who help you grow, one of two things needs to happen. Either you are your relationship needs to change.

What relationships in your life drain you?

How can you deal with negative relationships?

You have the power to choose how you deal with those negative relationships. The following are five methods for managing negative relationships.

1. Remain Victim to the Relationship

When you choose to remain a victim to the relationship you are accepting a feeling of loss of control, powerlessness, grief, and depression. If you choose to remain a victim to a relationship it can drain you until you have nothing left.

Regretfully, this method is often times what people choose. This is the least powerful and most ineffective of all the methods.

2. Accept the Relationship

Accepting the relationship means that you are suspending all judgment, stress, and burden associated with it. You are choosing to accept it just as it is. You choose to look at the relationship as an experience that doesn’t require anything but being at peace with where it is at the moment.

3. Change the Relationship

You can take a proactive approach to change the relationship or at least some aspect of it. Do you want to remain in the relationship? If you do, this may include finding a common point of agreement that allows you to continue to the relationship. You may need to release or reconcile differences and/or develop coping mechanisms.

4. Change the Relationship by Changing Your Perspective

You can change a relationship by shifting the way you look at it. A different lens will bring a different experience. Some questions to ask yourself: How can you look at your relationship with a fresh pair of eyes? How can you see the other person from a new vantage point?

5. Leave It

The last option is to leave or end the relationship. If there is one thing that I have learned about relationships in my life it is that some come for a reason, some for a season, and some for a lifetime. Don’t hold on to a relationship because it is the path of least resistance. Is the relationship bringing value to you? Are you bringing value to the relationship? Are you bringing value to the world together? If you answer no to any of those questions you probably have your answer.

If you choose to leave, respect the other person and yourself. Take time to grieve the relationship and look back on it with fond memories.

Spring is here and the time is now to declutter. It may be time for some relationships to go and make room for something better.

What relationships in your life spark you to be your best?

What can you do to spend more time nurturing and enhancing them?

In what ways can you look to develop new relationships?

What relationships in your life drain you?

How do you want to move forward with those relationships?

If you are in a verbally or physically abusive relationship please seek help.

If you need help or are unsure if you are in an abusive relationship please call the Domestic Violence Hotline @ 1-800-799-7233 or visit https://www.thehotline.org.

Make today amazing!

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