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Be Your Own Hero!

I have been thinking a lot about what it means to be your own hero. I have seen many women stuck in a life, career, relationship, or situation they don’t like or want. They spend their life waiting for someone to save them.

If you are waiting for someone to show up and save you from whatever it is you don't like or want, you will be waiting a long time.

The person with the most power in your life to make the changes you want will always be the person looking back at you in the mirror every morning.

You are the one who makes the decisions in your life. (For more about making decisions click here.)

You are the one in charge of your thoughts, feelings, and actions. (For more about your thoughts, feelings, and actions click here.)

You are the Co-author of your life with God or your higher power.

Being your own hero means keeping your power by always taking responsibility for the quality of your life. Step into your power and become the hero of your own life today.

Here are 5 steps to Be Your Own Hero:

1. Stop Waiting for someone else to show up and make whatever isn’t working for you better. You are the only one that can make a difference in your life.

2. Take Action today! Don’t wait for the planets to be in alignment or until you have everything figured out and planned. You’ve got to take action today!!! Sometimes taking action is changing the way you’re thinking about it.

3. Don’t Give Up on Yourself. It doesn't matter who you are or what you want you need to know that you are going to fail. And you will most likely fail more than once or even twice. Don't give up on yourself. Figure out what went wrong. What you need to do next time. Get up, brush yourself off, and try again. And again, and again until you get where you want to be.

4. Be Brave! You’ve got this. You are the expert in your own life. Step into your power and become the hero of your own life today. Trust me, you can do it.

5. Power of Choice! You get to choose whether you’re the hero or the victim of your life. Which one are you going to choose?

In what area of your life do you feel stuck?

What about __________ makes you feel stuck?

What do you want to create differently in that area of your life?

What is one step you can take today to Be Your Own Hero of your life?

How can I support you?

Do you wish you had someone to talk to about this? We can work together to find your voice and see how you want to create a life that means something to you on your terms, see what is standing between where you are and where you want to be, and how you can overcome those obstacles. It can change your life.

It all starts with one call.

Click here to schedule your call!It can change your life.

Make today amazing!

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