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How Do You Show Up?

How many times have you walked away from a situation less than thrilled about the way you reacted? Later on, when you’ve had time to process what happened, you replay the event over and over in your head and come up with a million other ways you could have or should have reacted? You think about all of the things you could or should have said. This is all too common.

If you are tired of walking away feeling like you could of or should have done things differently than the time has come to start a new chapter. When you start to think differently and take new actions then life turns out differently.

The new chapter begins with SELF-LEADERSHIP.

Self-leadership is the practice of intentionally influencingYOUR thinking, feelings, and actions to achieve YOUR objectives (the life you want to live).

Self-leadership emerges from awareness. Awareness is the foundation of change. When you have self-awareness you can choose if you’d like to create something other than what you are currently experiencing. Click here to read more about awareness. (insert link)

How do you show up in the world?

Everything is made up of energy. There are two types of energy.

Negative & Positive

Negative energy is draining and resisting. This type of energy can provide you with an energetic boost in a stressful situation. However, it also gives you a limited view of the situation and this reduces the choices available to you.

Positive energy is constructive, fueling, and healing. This kind of energy helps move you forward and achieve positive, long-term successful results.

Your energy and how you experience life is determined by your thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and behaviors. Remember the definition for self-leadership?

Not all thoughts are created equal.

Your thoughts can have a negative or positive effect on you.

Negative thoughts bring your energy down and limit your sense of options.

Positive thoughts elevate your energy and give you access to a sense of freedom, choice, power, and fulfillment.

Every thought you entertain has an energetic consequence.

How do you intentionally influence your thoughts, feelings, and actions? By understanding the following model.

Your thoughts influence your feelings which in turn influences your actions.

Let's do an exercise.

Think about a situation where you have felt less than thrilled with how you reacted.

What was your core thought about it?

How did that thought make you feel?

That feeling in turn made you do_______?

Now, think about that same situation.

What core thought would you have liked to have about the situation?

How did that thought make you feel?

That feeling, in turn, would have made you do______?

Change your thoughts-change your life.

If you can understand where those thoughts and perceptions come from you can change the way you show up.

There is a gap between what happens and how you respond to it. Most people are not aware that this is happening in a split-second. However, the more aware you are you can slow down the response time and be more intentionalwith your choice.

This process helps you take responsibility for your actions and to be at choice. Make this process your new habit by doing this over and over with each situation you encounter.

How will YOU Show up differently?

You can no longer be asleep at the wheel and not acknowledge your own behavior. Take responsibility for yourself.

Benefits of Self-Leadership

Conscious Choice

You have the capability to consciously recognize when you are reacting to life’s circumstances, even in the most challenging moments, and know how to choose exactly how you want to act.

Opportunities Instead of Problems

You can see opportunities when others see problems, and to see what’s right, instead of what’s wrong.

Finally, you get to put into practice intentionally influencing YOUR thinking, feelings, and behaviors and choose how you show up!

Here are some questions to ask yourself when you find yourself in a situation:

What is the thought I’m having about this situation?

Why am I having it right now?

What is the real reason I’m triggered?

How is this making me feel?

How am I acting because of it?

Do you wish you had someone to talk with about this? With this model, we can work together to change the way you show up and start creating a life that means something to you on your terms. It can change your life.

And it all starts with a call. DM me to schedule yours today.

Make today amazing!

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