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The 12 Days of Christmas Goal Setting Day 4

On the fourth day of Christmas, my life coach gave to me…

Who are you going to share your goals with?

When you hold yourself accountable to your goals you are making the goal a priority. It’s not just something that might get done. Sharing your goals with someone else shows that you are committed to making them happen.

Where can you get some accountability?

1) Tell a friend. Share your goals with someone who loves you and wants to see you succeed. The ideals person will support you and your goals completely and whole-heartedly.

2) Join an accountability group. Find or create a group that can work together and hold one another accountable to reach their goals.

3) Find an app. There are plenty of apps that can keep you accountable of your goals. They can offer you reminders, tracking systems, or connect you with others who are trying to accomplish similar goals.

4) Hire a coach! A coach will assist you in clarifying your goals and hold you accountable for them. She will also help you develop strategies for overcoming obstacles that get in your way. I personally would love to partner with you and help you acheive your best year yet.

Hold yourself accountable by sharing your goals with others.

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