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It Takes Consistency

A few months ago on W.O.W Wednesday I blogged about the meaning of success. If you missed it, you can click here to catch up. I shared how it is up to you to determine what success means to you. But whether you define it as earning a specific amount of money, achieving a particular title, or creating a life that means something to you, there are some important keys to success.

If you Googled “Keys to Success” there is no doubt you would get a large list of things you need to do/have to achieve success, regardless of how you define it.

But one of the keys to success this is often forgotten about is CONSISTENCY. What is consistency and how do you get it? These are great questions. Let’s dive in and see where we go.

What is consistency?

Merriam-Webster defines consistency as free from variation or contradiction. I thought this definition was kind of vague. I dug a little deeper and found consistency defined for kids as sticking with one way of thinking or acting. I liked this one better and it seemed more applicable to this discussion.

Being consistent is about sticking to a task, a process or system, etc. so that you can achieve success. Think about building a house. The brick layer consistently lays one brick after another until the house is finished. If the brick layer decided midway to stop laying the bricks would the house be complete? No! Just like the brick layer, your consistency is a critical trait to get you from where you are now to where you want to be. Without a commitment to consistency, you can have the best intentions and best strategies and still not accomplish your intended results.

How do you get consistency?

1. Build it with time

To be consistent, you’ve got to schedule it. Make time for what is important to you and be intentional with your time. If you’ve got the goal to lose 10lbs then you’ve got to schedule time to exercise and plan your meals.

I am not going to get into how to schedule your time. There are many different methods out there. I have found the one that works best is the one that works best for you.

2. Hold yourself accountable with help

I think it is safe to say that at some point in your journey to success you will plateau. Although it can be frustrating it is a normal part of life. The key to bursting through those mental and physical blocks is to hold yourself accountable. But I am not asking you to shoulder everything, what I am saying is hold yourself accountable to ask for help.

The goals you set for yourself can be tough. And there will be times when you want to quit or you get frustrated or tired. Ask for help. Help can come in many forms. You can find a mentor or hire a coach. Maybe you just need someone to help with some of those everyday tasks like grocery shopping or running errands. If you are in business or an entrepreneur you might need to hire an assistant or another valuable member of your success team. Whatever you need don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Make it a priority to ask for help. When you’ve got someone helping you bridge the gap between where you are now to where you want to be you will get there much quicker and probably a little less stressed. #askforhelpnow

How do you stay connected to your consistency?

Perfectionism, fear, self-doubt, boredom, and time are things that can distract you from your consistency. When this happens it helps if you step back and remember what it is you’re doing and your reason for doing it. Anchor yourself to the “why” you are doing it.

Understand that the small things you do today come together for what it is you want in the future. Let’s use the example of losing weight. Say you want to lose 10lbs. To do this you know that you have to exercise and eat healthy. Both of these would need to be consistent everyday so you can reach your goal of losing 10lbs. Understand you are exercising and eating healthy today for your future goal of losing 10lbs.

Finding peace with inconsistency inside of consistency?

It has been my observation (watching myself as well as others) that it can be easy to get an all or none mentality. You get into a mindset that if you can’t do something the same way or the same time all the time then you just don’t do it.

Go back to the weight loss example. On Sunday, you’ve planned your schedule for next week and you are going to exercise every day at 9:00 am. You accomplish this on Monday and Tuesday but on Wednesday something comes up and your 9:00 am exercise time is blown. Here’s where the all of none mentality comes in. On this one day you can’t be consistent with the time you are exercising so you immediately get frustrated and throw in the towel for the rest of the week. A week turns into two weeks which turns into a month and well you know the rest.

Sometimes it’s about stretching yourself to find peace with inconsistency inside of consistency. Understand that on some days you may have to do that task or that process like exercise at a different time. It’s okay! Think about it. Exercising later is much better than not exercising at all. When you don’t exercise you can’t reach your goal of losing 10lbs.

Words of Encouragement

Consistency should be part of your overall strategy as you set goals in your personal and professional life. To truly change, grow, and become all that you were called to be you have to stay focused on your goals. Being consistent is tough. It is easy to get distracted and let things fall to the side. To find consistency in your life you’ve got to find what works for you. Be willing to push yourself out of your comfort zone and try something new if what you are using isn’t working. Always remember to be kind to yourself. Give yourself an endless supply of grace. You deserve it!

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