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Why Do We Seek the Living Among the Dead?

Monday I started my journey to let go of sugar. I did this in the form of doing the Whole30. This is a 30-day eating detox as you only eat meat, vegetables, and fruit. There are too numerous restrictions to get into in this blog. However, if you would like to read more about it then click here . In addition to the Whole30 I also wanted to implement other self-love habits which included the True 30-Day Yoga journey and fasting from Facebook.

I just finished up the True 30-day Yoga Journey but knew this would be the perfect time to do it again. Going through the Whole30 can be a very emotional and vulnerable time. I felt incorporating this yoga practice would allow me to get in touch with my inner being during this vulnerable time. If you would like to learn more about the True 30-Day Yoga Journey click here. I highly recommend it.

The last thing I decided to do during my Whole30 journey was to fast from Facebook. This is something that has been pulling on me for quite some time. Facebook has always been my fall back when I start to procrastinate. Or, when I am working on something and I am not sure how it’s going to turn out. Or, I get stuck on what to do next. My perfectionist self-shows up and I get stuck. My go to = Facebook. Before you know it, three hours have passed and I have absolutely nothing to show for my time. Not a good thing for sure.

You might be wondering how this has anything to do with Why Do We Seek the Living Among the Dead? Grab your cup of coffee and sit back, here it is.

In preparing for this journey I spent some time journaling and getting clear on exactly what I was looking for over the next 30 days. As I have said before, this was about more than just detoxing from or giving up sugar.

On Sunday, I had an epiphany. As humans, we are looking for more meaning and fulfillment,love, happiness, acceptance, success, the list goes on. Regretfully, we look for it from other people or other things like food, alcohol, drugs, Facebook, etc.

When we should be looking for those things within ourselves.

We are looking in dead places for the living. Those dead places, food, alcohol, drugs, Facebook, etc, only give us a few seconds of those things we are looking for and then it is gone. And often times, we feel worse after. But we keep engaging. Again, rinse and repeat. It is a vicious cycle.

This is what I found myself doing. I was looking for the living in the dead places of eating sugar and hanging out on Facebook. What am I trying to fill myself with ??? Good question. And that is what this journey is about. What am I searching for? I have an idea of what it is but I am leaving myself open to the discovery.

For the next 30 days, I am stepping back from those dead things, looking within, and connecting with the living, my higher power which is God.

What about you? Are you looking for the living in dead places? If so, what are those dead places? What are you looking for?

Words of Encouragement

If any of what I said resonates with you then I would like to encourage you today to stop and ask yourself the questions from above? Get honest with yourself. Are you ready to leave those dead places?

Dig Deeper

How willing are you to go deeper, leave those dead places, and look for the living within you? How willing are you to connect to a higher power? For some it is God, for others it’s the Universe. Whatever it is to you, how willing are you to connect and get filled with the living?

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