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Spring Clean Your Life!

Out with the old and in with the new!

You’ve made it! Spring has finally sprung!

At least according to the calendar. Whether it has truly sprung depends on your geographical location. Either way, I am sure it’s Spring in your head. For the last four months, you have watched as winter has taken its grip on nature. Trees have died away, the ground has grown cold and frozen, and the bugs, plants, and animals have hibernated and laid dormant. During this season, the roots of the trees have grown deeper and the bugs, plants, and animals have rested and recuperated in preparation for this new season.

Spring is a time for rebirth and renewal. A season of change and new beginnings.

This year, this has been more apparent to me than in years past. A week ago, I relocated to Dallas, TX. My first week here I didn’t have much going on because I was waiting for our household goods to arrive. The lack of “things” to do allowed me time to do some personal reflection.

It was in those moments of reflection that I knew that this move was about more than a physical relocation. It was about abandoning my old ways and creating new. It was about letting go of those things that weren’t serving me and creating new ways. I was reminded about a scripture in the Bible that talks about how you can’t put new wine into old wineskins because the new wine will burst the wineskins (Mark 2:22 & Luke 5:37 NKJV).

Even though there may still be some ways to go before you get to really enjoy the warmth and light that comes with Spring, you can begin to think out what you can do to let go of those things that aren’t serving you, renew yourself and bring balance to your life. Trust me when I say, the things of yesterday that weren’t serving you are incapable of handling the dynamic spirit renewal of today.

What better time than Spring to Spring Clean Your Life?

Are you ready for this new season? A great way to get ready for the new season is with some powerful questions from your lifestyle and self-leadership coach-Evolution U Coaching. The following can be used a journaling prompts or you can make a list. The objective of the questions is to take some time to connect with yourself, to find clarity, to get those things(thoughts) in your head out of it and onto a piece of paper so you can see it, process it, and gain insight from it. This is about finding peace, new possibilities and so much more!

Are you ready to play? Set some time aside where you won’t be distracted and can uncover your thoughts and feelings. You don’t have to do all the prompts at once. Find what works best for you with the time you have available. However, don’t let a lack of time be the factor that keeps you from taking the time to Refresh your Life. As you begin to look at the various prompts, there are bound to be things that come up. Triggers or feelings that you haven’t dealt with. That’s okay. This is what you want. You want to clean it all out, get rid of what doesn’t serve you, create new ways, and start this new season refreshed and renewed.

Use these 9 journaling prompts to Spring Clean and Refresh Your Life!*

1. R- Relationship Review: Look at all your relationships as ask yourself Who 1) drains you and 2) sparks you to be the best version of you?

2. E-Energy Boosters: What boosts your energy and makes your heart sing?

3. F-Fresh Attitude: Where do you need a fresh attitude towards yourself/life/others? (This includes your thought life.)

4. R-Release & Let Go: What do you need to release and let go of that isn’t serving you today? Some things you may let go of forever and some things may just be for a season.

5. E- Energy Zappers: What’s zapping your energy (physical/emotional/mental)?

6. S- Sweep Away the Negative: What do you need to sweep away to appreciate the beauty of your life?

7. H- Habit Review: What habits do you want to 1) Stop and 2) Start-to freshen up your life?

8. M- Magic: If you had a magic wand, what would be different in your life?

9. E- Exciting: What would make your life more exciting?

As a coach, you know I wouldn’t be pushing you out of your comfort zone unless I asked you to choose three actions you can take to breathe fresh air into your life.

I will___________________

I will___________________

I will___________________

Words of Encouragement

Try not to think too hard about the questions. A suggestion is set a timer for a specific amount of time for each question, say 2 mins. Just do a brain dump and see what comes up. If you feel like you’re done and you’ve got more time on the clock, keep writing. You never know what might come up. If you are totally struggling writing anything, give yourself a minute. Still nothing, move on to the next question. Don’t read into it. Just come back to it later.

As for the action steps, they don’t have to be big steps. Sometimes the fastest way to move forward is with baby steps.

Dig Deeper

For those of you that want to dig deeper here are some additional questions to reflect on:

1. What about that person drains you? What about that person sparks you to be the best version of yourself?

2. What about that “thing” makes your heart sing? Maybe you have more than one thing. Explore it!

3. Consider your thought life. How do your thoughts influence your life? If your thoughts are hurtful to yourself, what can you do to incorporate a more positive thought life into your life?

4. When you think about those "things" you want to release and let go, do you struggle wanting to release them? If so, what about that "thing" is holding on to you and preventing you from letting go?

5. What about that “thing” zaps your energy? What can you do to bring more positive energy into your life?

6. How can you incorporate more gratitude into your life?

7. What about the new habit do you think will help you freshen up your life?

8. Ok, you’ve waved the magic wand and your life is different, now what?

9. What does exciting mean to you? Now, go back and answer #9 above again. Are they different? If so, how?

Happy Spring! Enjoy the gift of Refreshing Your Life!

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I would also love to hear what your biggest take away from this week was for you. Please feel free to share it here or on the blog in the comments section.

*The Coaching Tools Company.com

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