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Bloom Where You're Planted!

Have you ever been in a place in your life that you didn’t want to be? Maybe you are working a regular job during the day and working your side hustle that you love and passionate about after hours. Or your big dream is to own your own coffee shop but instead you find yourself working in one. I get it.

When I first started coaching I wanted it all. A bunch of clients, standing room only workshops, thousands of followers on Facebook, and a book hot off the presses. Instead, I had to figure out how to build my business, network, learn a lot of new technology, and spend a lot more time on the admin stuff rather than coaching. When you are not where want to be in your life it is easy to become unhappy and resentful. I know because I was.

This week, I want to challenge the way you think about it. What if I told you that where you are is exactly where you're supposed to be? When I say that, how does it make you feel? What thoughts come up for you?

I believe most of us get so far ahead of ourselves about what we want in life and where we want to be that we forget that we are on a journey. We resist the opportunities that show up in our lives and begin to despise where we are at in the journey. We want that “big” thing and we want it now. I know I might be ruffling some feathers here and I am okay with that. Because as I am pointing one finger at you, trust me, there are three pointing right back at me.

What would it look like if you bloomed where you're planted?

Let’s take a second to break down this quote. The word bloom is a verb, an action word that means to mature into achievement of one’s potential or to flourish in excellence (https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/bloom). And, planted means to put or set in the ground for growth (https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/planted). When you plant something, it is intentional, like a garden. A garden doesn’t just show up, it’s planted. You just didn’t show up, you were planted.

Now, let’s talk about the middle of the quote, where you are. It is easy to get an attitude that if you were someplace else, in a different job, or had different circumstances that your life would be better, you would be much happier, and it is there that you could bloom. Right? Again, I want to challenge that thought.

Every step in your life prepares you for the next one. Where you are at today is providing you with vital lessons for your next adventure. Every chapter in your life builds the foundation for the next. You have a choice. Do you allow yourself to become unhappy, resentful, and despise where you’re at or do you choose to “Bloom Where You’re Planted?”

If you choose to “Bloom Where You’re Planted” here are a few tips to walk away with today that I hope will help you.

1. Change your attitude: Your attitude is everything. If you have a negative attitude then the lens with which you look through life will be negative. When you have a negative attitude, you tend to be angry, sad, or resentful. However, when you chose to look for the positive in your life you will be happier.

Here are two ways in which you can find the positive:

a. Take a reflective moment to think about all you have done to get to where you are today. You didn’t just show up one day. You worked hard. You made sacrifices. Take a moment and write them down. Acknowledge all that you have done.

b. Be curious about why you are where you are. You are not there by mistake. Ask yourself, “What am I here to learn?” Maybe you are gaining a new skill you’ll need later. You can also ask yourself, “What do I want to take away from this experience?” Because believe it or not you have a choice.

If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude about it. -Maya Angelou

2. Change your language: Your words have the power to speak life or death to yourself. Refrain from speaking negative to, or about, yourself. Instead, use positive words to influence yourself and your situation. It may be helpful to write out some positive affirmations to read and keep handy.

3. Be grateful: The culture today is to want everything and want it now. The tendency is to feel you are always lacking and focusing on what you don’t have. Instead of being resentful, unhappy, or despising where you are at, take up an attitude of gratitude. Be grateful and find joy for where you are at what you have. Again, make a list of all those things you are grateful for.

4. Have faith in yourself: You are your own worst critic. It is easy to pick yourself apart for what you could of or should have done. Today, I want to challenge you to choose to love and respect yourself. Be good and take care of yourself. Take time to sit and write down all your wonderful qualities about yourself. Ask others what qualities they see in you. Find one thing that you value about yourself and you will value yourself more. To read more about loving yourself click here.

You cannot connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So, you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in the future. – Steve Jobs

Words of Encouragement

Choose to bloom where you are planted. Making the choice to accept where you’re at doesn’t mean that you are giving up your dreams and aspirations. It just means that you are choosing to take in all that your life has to offer you. Make no mistake that where you are today is exactly where you're supposed to be.

Dig Deeper

What area of your life are you unhappy and resentful about?

What about where you are at makes you unhappy and resentful?

When I say, “Where you are is exactly where you need to be” how does it make you feel? What thoughts come up for you?

Do you struggle with the idea of blooming where you are planted? It’s okay! You’re okay! We all do. We have been programed to always want more. So today, make the choice to bloom where you are planted. If you need help, reach out, I am here for you. Schedule your FREE one hour discovery session today @ donalisa@evolutionucoaching.com or send me a DM on FB or Instagram.


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