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What is Your Thought Life Like?

I recently shared on my blog that my health and wellness journey from 2017 came into 2018 and was redefined by me as self-acceptance (Read more here.). A big piece of self-acceptance for me is specific to my thought life.

When I talk to myself, what am I saying? Am I speaking life or death to myself?

We all have that inner voice that speaks to us. You know, that voice that whispers to us and yet it is the loudest voice we hear. That voice that keeps us from stepping into our power and playing full out. That voice that says:

“You’re not X (smart, beautiful, disciplined, talented, etc) enough.”

“That’s stupid.”

“So and so would never do anything like that.”

Oh, and my personal favorite:

“Why would anyone want to hear what you have to say?”

How did they get stuck there? Why can’t we get rid of them? Without our consent, our minds continue to reach into the dark corners of our minds to retrieve those ugly thoughts. How often and easily do we forget our value? One tiny lie gets planted somewhere along the way and we take it all the way to our own self-destruction. We get stuck on these lies and cannot seem to move forward to what we have been called to do.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t speak the nicest words to myself. This journey into self-acceptance has caused me to peel back the layers of my thought life. It has caused me to be more aware of the words I speak to myself. I have begun to explore how my thought life has prevented me from not only stepping into the plan and purpose for my life but more importantly, accepting myself for who I am. The words I speak to myself have a huge role in self-acceptance. The words we speak to ourselves are the most powerful words we will ever hear.

The most powerful words we utter are words no one else ever hears. They are the words we speak to ourselves. –Jennifer Rothschild

What about you? What is your thought life like? What words are you speaking to yourself? Are you speaking life or death?

Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

What are the top three thoughts you have about yourself?

How do these thoughts influence your behavior and your feelings?

How are these thoughts serving you?

For each negative thought, how can you reframe that thought to be more positive?

My journey is far from over. In fact, I believe I am just beginning to scratch the surface of my thought life. To be honest with you, as I am writing this and getting it ready for the blog, I hear that whispered voice telling me that people don’t want to hear what I’m saying. In the past, I would have completely abandoned what I was doing for fear that the whispered voice was right. But not today! Today, I am taking that thought captive and stepping into my power and playing full out with you. Will you play full out with me?

I am putting together a workbook that takes you through the discovery and reframing of your thought life. It will be a step by step workbook that helps you take control over your thought life and a process for reframing those thoughts. If you would like to have more information and/or be notified when this workbook is released please respond with Yes, me, in the comments below and I will reach out to get your contact information. Or you can email me @ donalis@evolutionucoaching.com.

Let’s use 2018 to get our thought life together so we can each step into the plan and purpose for our lives. Are you with me?


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