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What is Still in Process...

that you’re bringing into 2018?

I don’t know about you but I always think of the new year as the start of new beginnings, restarts, new goals, a clean slate, and the beginning of a new chapter with 365 blank pages ready to be filled. If the new year is a new start then the past year all those things we set out to do, the goals, the objectives, everything we wrote in that chapter should be done, right? I’m not convinced. Here’s why.

In 2017, I started my health and wellness journey. This journey was one of two Game Changer goals for me in 2017. My health was at the center of it all. I wasn’t sick or experiencing anything specific. My inner voice just told me that I needed to take control of my health.

To tackle this big Game Changer goal, I broke it down into smaller more manageable goals. Some of those goals included, creating a sleep routine, clean eating, cutting out sugar, meal prep, quite time, exercise, and of course lose XX pounds.

My jumping off point was to take on the Whole30.

I knew this would help me with cutting the sugar and clean eating. Wow!!! I had no idea what that endeavor would end up showing me. I was an emotional eater and it was time to deal with my emotions. This was a very vulnerable and volatile time for me. I remember sharing with my coach (Yes, I have a coach!) that I felt like I was unraveling. She said, “You are!” I realized as I took away the buffer of food I was forced to deal with what and how I was feeling. Huge life lessons in there and every day since I continue to learn even more.

After the Whole30 I really worked to continue eating Whole30ish (Is that a word?) I prepared whole foods and leaned less on those sugary condiments and more on fresh herbs and spices. I worked to continue meal planning and have discovered there is much freedom in the planning.

I had already established a workout routine that consisted of crossfit, yoga, and riding bikes. Maintaining exercise consistency was one of the mini goals inside my health and wellness goal. However, eating better and maintaining my exercise consistency I still wasn’t losing any weight.

I began working with an online health coach that just happened to be family (extended family but family). Brigitt from BFIT Nutrition and Training. It was with her and through her program that I really learned about the important components of health and wellness; sleep, food quality, supplement quality, food portions, exercise, etc. During our time together, I grew even more frustrated because my body wasn’t responding in the way it should. I would share my frustrations and thoughts with her. Through her coaching, I had some a-ha moments and gained a ton of insight into myself and my relationship with myself. My favorite part about working with her was that she was never willing to give up on me. Because she wouldn’t give up I knew that I couldn’t give up on me.

Here is the moral of the story; what is still in process that you’re bringing into 2018?

For me, I am bringing my health and wellness into 2018. See, I somehow had the mindset when I set out on this journey at the beginning of 2017 that as I closed out the year, this goal would be all wrapped up like a beautiful present with a beautiful bow that I could put on a shelf and pull down from time to time.

Yet, what I discovered was that this was the furthest thing from a beautifully wrapped package. Instead, it was a package that was in shambles and pieces scattered all over the floor like my dog just ate it.

But something was different. I was different. Over the last year, I have learned a lot about myself. I remembered that I can persevere through adversity. I learned to give myself grace, to have compassion for myself, and realize that I AM HUMAN!

I realized that my health and wellness journey of 2017 was still in process and that I was bringing it with me into 2018. And I am okay with that.

I am ready for it. I am EQUIPPED (my Inspiring Word for 2018) to work with it.

What is still in process that you’re bringing into 2018?

Here are a few tips to help you with bringing it into 2018:

1. JOURNEY versus Destination. Life is a journey not a destination. Every step you take is a step closer to where you want to be.

2. TRUST that where you are is exactly where you need to be. I find that sometimes this one is the most difficult because to be honest, sometimes I don’t like where I’m at. But I believe I am here because there is something here, a lesson of sorts that I will need in the future. What is that saying? Bloom where you’re planted! I am a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

3. RE-DEFINE what IT looks like. It’s a new year and a new year. Please know, that in the last year, you have evolved. As you step into 2018 what does the thing that is still in process look like for you? Is it the same or is it different? What is different about it? Take some time to decide. Trust me, it will be worth it. I know for myself, what was my health and wellness journey in 2017 is a journey to self-acceptance in 2018.

4. YOU ARE ENOUGH! Where ever you are in your journey know that YOU ARE ENOUGH just as you are today. Everything you need is in you right now.

What is still in process that you’re bringing into 2018? I would love to hear. Please share in the comments below.

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