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Back To School Special

Sending your daughter off to college can be both exciting and nerve-racking. The transition to college can be one of the most difficult times in a young woman's life. Gone are the days of high school where she experienced a steady schedule with you and her teachers helping her navigate those high school years. 

Adulting has officially begun. Struggling to manage college life can be difficult. There are a lot of changes. She is expected to adjust to college life, develop successful study habits, time management, make life decisions, social adjustments, advocate for herself, and the list goes on. These changes can be stressful and cause anxious feelings. What is supposed to be fun and a time for growth can easily turn into the worst time in her life. 

Rather than taking a chance on her living the worst time in her life let me help your daughter create a college experience that means something to her on her terms. Allow me to come along side of her as she begins her college journey and help set her up for success. 

Here's what you get: 

4-45 minute sessions

Unlimited email & texts

30 minute mid-semester check in

*Bonus: 30 minute session for Mom! (To help adjust to this new season.) 

Your student will walk away with: 

*Clarity on her values

*Steps for adjusting to the new demads of college life (time management, managing relationships and expectations)

*Steps to create balance (juggling college demands while maintaining an eating and sleeping plan that supports her. 

*Action steps she can implement to start creating a college experience that means something to her on her terms.

Give your daughter the gift of creating a college experience that means something to her on her terms.  

Let's Do This Together!